This ‘Not Just a Thought…’ communication model has been co-produced with an inspirational group of 75 children and young people who worked with lots of professionals from the NHS, Social Care, Education, Police and the Charitable Sector.  We created the model to support practitioners, children and young people to work together, to share their thoughts that will help reduce child abuse. In the spirit of keeping the conversation going, the website is open to all and the language used will be child and young person friendly.

Two clear messages came from the children and young people:

  • Ask direct questions: If as a practitioner, you are thinking there might be concerns about a child or young person you are seeing, don’t just think it – ask it.
  • Think about your presentation: Young people want you to smile at them, to be friendly, to let them know you are ready to hear the thoughts they might want to share.

The summary below produced by the young people involved in all stages of the project sums up their aims perfectly:

We intend to provide advice and support for all young people who desire, or are in need of it. Together we have created a website, variety of short films and augmented reality, to highlight these issues. We strongly feel that this project will be extremely beneficial and successful.   Moreover, whether any of these issues relate to you or not, we want you to know overcoming these obstacles is ‘NOT just a thought’…