Core Questions

If you have reached this part of the website you have probably already looked through the background information, watched the fab videos by children, young people and young adults and got to grips with the ethos of the Not Just a Thought… project. If not, now is your chance – why not start with the “Starting a Conversation” section?

This section of the website has some core information that you can click through at your own pace. You may be a practitioner, a parent, a child, a young person or a young adult. Whatever your background this resource is for you to hopefully help you to have a conversation about some things that some people can find difficult to talk about.

These resources are provided to enhance the learning of professionals during their training, as well as educating members of the public about the sorts of issues that children, young people and young adults will be encouraged to talk about with their friends, families and with professionals as part of an engagement strategy to improve their health and well-being.