How you spend your time

Thinking in more detail about how you spend your time

1.    Where do you spend most of your free time?needs-met

a.    Alone
b.    At home
c.    At a youth group
d.    At a sports or leisure centre
e.    On the street
f.    At Rainbows, Brownies, Guides, Beavers, Cubs or Scouts

2.    Have you done any of the following in the last year?

a.    Taken part in an out of school or college activity (for example, football or dance)
b.    Undertaken volunteer work
c.    Taken part in a charity event
d.    Taken part in a drama / acting / singing group
e.    Participated in faith-based activity
f.    Participated in an organisation such as Cubs, Scouts, Brownies or Guides
g.    None

3.    Have you ever felt pressurised to do any of the following or have you actually done any of the following:

a.    Threatened, bullied or harassed a person
b.    Skipped school or college
c.    Been in a fight
d.    Shoplifted
e.    Stolen from someone
f.    Carried a weapon
g.    Hurt or abused someone else
h.    Vandalised property
i.    Drawn graffiti somewhere
j.    Broken into a property (someone’s home, or a shop or a school)

4.    Do you read for fun? What do you read?
5.    What is your favourite music?

6.    Do you go to concerts or gigs?

7.    Let’s talk a bit more about your school / college / training / employment (job):got-all-support

a.    Have you ever been home-schooled?
b.    How do you get on with the people there?
c.    Are you doing as well as usual or has anything changed recently?
i.    What do you enjoy most?
ii.    What do you enjoy least?
iii.    What do you find easy?
iv.    What do you find hard?

d.    Do you regularly attend your school, college, training or job?
i.    Are you ever late?

e.    Do you enjoy school / college / training / work?
i.    Is there anyone there that you can talk to?

f.    Are you currently excluded from school or college?
g.    Is there regular breakdown of placements in education or training placements due to behavioural problems?
h.    Have you got a statement of educational needs (SEN)?

8.    How much school / college / training / work do you think you missed in the last year?

9.    Do you work now?what-do-in-future

a.    How much work do you do?
b.    Have you worked in the past?

10.    Do you get paid the right amount for your work?