Other things a professional or you may need to discuss

Thinking about some other things that will make a professional, and might make you, worried enough to need to discuss in more detail


1.    Concerns about any power imbalance in any relationship

2.    Current or previous abuse in the family (of any type)

3.    Concerns about isolation from social or family networks

4.    Poverty or deprivation

5.    Breakdown of family relationships

6.    Family history of exploitation or prostitution

7.    A child, young person or young adult not respecting boundaries

8.    Gang involvement

9.    A child, young person or young adult:
a.    having knowledge of cities or areas that they have had no previous association with
b.    being seen in a child sexual exploitation (CSE) hotspot
c.    been seen in an area known to have brothels
d.    receiving phone calls, texts or letters from adults unknown to parents
e.    having unexplained contact with hotels, taxi companies or fast food outlets
f.    in a relationship with an older adult or older adults
g.    becoming withdrawn or aggressive
h.    who has started risk taking
i.    receiving unexplained amounts of money, expensive clothes or other items
j.    with a history of returning after having been missing looking dirty, dishevelled, tired, hungry or thirsty

10.    A child, young person or young adult:
a.    with secretive internet use
b.    receiving gifts in exchange for any kind of services
c.    in possession of a mobile phone which their parent or carer has no, or only limited, knowledge of
d.    seeming distressed when it is suggested a mobile phone should be turned off
e.    proactively exposing themselves to online dangers, for example:
i.    dating sites such as “plenty of fish”
ii.    tinder
iii.    broadcasting pin on BBM
iv.    grindr
v.    hornet
vi.    scruff
vii.    facebook

f.    who has been sexting
g.    who is unwilling to share or show online or phone contacts