Where you spend your time

Thinking in more detail about where you spend your time

1.    What do you usually do during the day?invloved-with-agencies

a.    Go to school
b.    Go to college
c.    Skip school
d.    Skip college
e.    Work
f.    Skip work
g.    Something else

2.    Thinking about where you stay usually, what sort of place is it?

a.    House
b.    Flat
c.    Hostel
d.    Bed & Breakfast
e.    Sofa surfing
f.    On the street
g.    Homeless

3.    Thinking about some other things to do with where you live:

a.    Do you stay with adults who are not related to you?
b.    Are you satisfied that your accommodation meets your needs?
c.    Do you have frequent changes of placements?
d.    Do you live somewhere temporary?
e.    Do you think your accommodation is stable or is there a risk of breakdown?
f.    Are there any new people living with you?
g.    Are you frightened of anyone you live with?
h.    Have you got your own room?

4.    Have you ever been into local authority care?

5.    Do you ever go missing from home?

6.    Do you stay out overnight sometimes?

a.    Do you always let the people you normally live with know when you will be staying out overnight and where you will be?

7.    Have you ever been:

a.    Locked in
b.    Imprisoned
c.    Abducted
d.    Taken