Who you spend your time with

Thinking in more detail about who you spend your time with

1.    Thinking about you spending your time… who do you spend most of your time around?needs-being-met

a.    Family
b.    Friends
c.    Gang
d.    Alone
e.    Other

2.    Do you have refugee or asylum seeker status?

3.    Has anyone tried to force you into a relationship that you don’t feel you have a choice over?

a.    Are you worried that this might happen in the future?

4.    Do you ever send pictures to anyone over social media?

a.    Are these pictures of you?
b.    Do you ever get pictures in return?
c.    What sort of pictures do you send or swap?
d.    Do you ever send pictures of yourself not wearing very many, or any, clothes?

5.    Thinking about your feelings towards other people… which of the following describes you?

a.    You are only attracted to someone of the opposite sex to you
b.    You are mostly attracted to someone of the opposite sex to you
c.    You are equally attracted to someone of the opposite sex and same sex to you
d.    You are mostly attracted to someone of the same sex to you
e.    You are only attracted to someone of the same sex to you
f.    You are unsure who you are attracted to
g.    You are not attracted to either someone of the same sex as you or the opposite sex to you

6.    Do you have a good relationship with the people you live with?

a.    Is everyone healthy?
b.    Do you have to care for anyone else?
c.    What sort of things cause arguments at home?
d.    What happens when there is an argument?

7.    Has anyone ever made you feel scared or vulnerable?

a.    Who did this?

8.    Have you got friends you can talk to who understand you?

9.    Has anyone ever bullied you before?

10.    Have you bullied anyone else?

11.    Thinking about the people who are especially important to you…

a.    Have you got a girlfriend or boyfriend?
i.    What is her or his name?

b.    How did you meet?

12.    Have you ever met up with someone who you started chatting to online initially?

13.    Thinking about your sexual health…

a.    Are you having sex with anyone?

b.    How is or was that experience for you?
i.    Great
ii.    Sic
iii.    Scary
iv.    Good
v.    OK
vi.    Fun
vii.    Painful
viii.    Not as you expected
ix.    Awful
x.    Nasty
xi.    Exactly as you expected
xii.    Embarrassing

c.    How old is the person you are having sex with?
i.    More than 10 years younger than you
ii.    6-10 years younger than you
iii.    1-5 years younger than you
iv.    The same age as you
v.    1-5 years older than you
vi.    6-10 years older than you
vii.    More than 10 years older than you

d.    Do you use condoms?
e.    Do you need to use any contraception?
i.    What do you use?

f.    What sort of sex are you having?
i.    Oral sex
ii.    Vaginal sex
iii.    Anal sex
iv.    Non-penetrative sex
v.    Other

g.    Are you happy with the person you have had / are having sex with?
h.    Have you ever been made to feel scared or uncomfortable by a person you have had sex with?
i.    Have you ever felt pressurised to do something sexual…
i.    For money
ii.    For a gift (phone, clothes, alcohol, food)
iii.    For shelter (somewhere warm, dry, safe)
iv.    For alcohol
v.    For drugs
vi.    For affection
vii.    For protection
viii.    For something else

j.    Have you ever been made to do something sexual due to…
i.    Violence
ii.    Sexual assault
iii.    Coercion
iv.    Bullying
v.    Being drunk
vi.    Being high
vii.    Something else

k.    How many people have you done something sexual with in the last six months?
l.    Have you ever been checked out for sexually transmitted infections?

14.    Have you ever thought about harming someone else in any way?

a.    Have you actually harmed anyone?