Your overall safety

Thinking in more detail about your overall safety

1.    Thinking about your overall safety: you have the right to feel safe and be protected from harm, abuse and bad things… Do you feel safe?do-you-feel-safe
a.    What makes you feel safe?
b.    Where do you feel safe?
c.    Who makes you feel safe?
d.    What makes you feel unsafe?
e.    Where do you feel unsafe?
f.    Who makes you feel unsafe?

2.    Thinking about if you ever felt unsafe in the future, who would you be most likely to ask for help?
a.    Family member
b.    Friends
c.    Doctor (hospital)
d.    Doctor (GP)
e.    Teacher
f.    Police officer
g.    Social worker
h.    School nurse
i.    ChildLine

3.    Is there something else that you want to mention?

4.    How did it feel to go through these questions and thoughts?